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Mukto News 802

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News Portal Features:

English Version & Bangla Version

1.       Home Page

a)      Top Bar  (As Per Requirement)

b)      Customized Header With Logo (As Per Requirement)

c)       User Friendly Navigation Bar

d)      Custom Home Pages

e)      Subscriber Panel

f)       Customized Footer With Address, Logo etc.

g)      Copyright


2.       Post & Videos

a)      Unlimited Post Creation

b)      Image

c)       Unlimited Image Inside Text

d)      Feel Free to Use Rich Text Editor

3.       Page

a)      Category Page

b)      Post Details Page

c)       Image gallery page

d)      Video page

e)      Privacy Policy

f)       Terms & Condition

g)      About Us

4.       Contact

a)      User Contact Form

b)      Addresses, E-mails, Numbers

c)       Google Map

5.       Live Youtube TV

6.       Breaking

7.       Latest

8.       Most viewed

9.       Share options

10.   Facebook comments

11.   Archive with date





Content Management System/Admin Panel

1.      Login Panel

2.      Admin Settings

a)      Name Changing

b)      Profile Pic Changing

c)      E-mail Changing

d)      Password Changing

3.      Dashboard

a)      Overview

b)      Statistics Charts

4.      Category Management

a)      Add Multi-Category Using Category Types

b)      Edit Category

5.      Menu Management

6.      Post Management

a)      Add New

a.      Title

b.      Subtitle

c.       Image Archieve

d.      Multi category

e.      Image caption

f.        Reporter

g.      Related news

h.      SEO keyword & description

i.        Rich text editor

b)      Post List

c)      Search Post

d)      Edit Post

e)      Delete

f)       Category

7.      Page Management

a)      Add New Page

b)      Page List

c)      Search Page

d)      Edit Page

e)      Delete Page

f)       Page Category

g)      Rich Text Editor For Description


8.      Gallery Management

a)      Add New Image

b)      Image List

c)      Search Image

d)      Edit Image

e)      Delete Image

f)       Image Category


9.      Media

a)      Add Media

b)      Delete Media

10.  Reporter Management

11.  Advertisement management

12.  Statistic

a.      Visitor

b.      Advertisement

13.  Subscribers

a)      Subscribers Lists

b)      One Click E-mails to All Subscribers


14.  User Mangement

a.      Multi user

                                                              i.      Admin

                                                            ii.      Senior Editor

                                                          iii.      Sub Editor

15.  Settings

a.      Role Settings

                                                              i.      For multi user

b.      Block Settings

16.  Site Meta

a)      Site Name & Title

b)      Site E-mails & Numbers

c)      Site Logo & Icon

d)      SEO Description

e)      Social Links

f)       Map Co-ordinates

g)      Addresses



1.      Other Features As Clients Requirement

2.      Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Youtube

3.      Subscriber Block For Sending Newsletters

4.      Modal Images

5.      SEO Keywords & Description

6.      Logo Changing

7.      Icon Changing

8.      Site Name Changing

9.      Site Title Changing

10.  Map Co-ordinates

11.  Facebook Timeline As Clients Requirement

12.  Facebook Like Page As Clients Requirement




Ø  PHP Framework: Codeigniter 3

Top Advantages Always Within Reach

Meet the most killing features ever!

User-Friendly Wizard

Experience the easiest installation made in few clicks

Esay, Fast & Reliable

Create and edit in real time so fast & easily

Flaxible Coustomization

Loades of customization options are always at hand

Competent Support Team

Caring support team will handle any complex issue

Frequent And Regular Upadates

Get regular updates to keep pace with times

Comprehensive Documentation

Find all the answer in the extended ducumantaion.

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